Front row: Rick, Kiah Stern, Anyi
Back: Beverly Wong, Mark Stern, Ginny Stern, David Lifton, Anne Philipsborn, 2002

Ginny, Mark & Kiah Stern

I met Ginny in 1978, when she was sharing the Hume St. house with Ginny, Berta, and Sue.

Soon we were visiting Mark and Ginny out at Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, where they were doing biology field work.

We've shared the magic of cranes, rivers, quiet times, and basketball.

"Joe Bob" is Ginny's nickname for me as the know-it-all/fix-it-guy. Rick is spelled in flower petals, like the ones flower girl Kiah sprinkled at our wedding.

Sycan Marsh Cranes, Pumpkin Party, Grand Canyon & Rogue rafting, Odell Lake skiing